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Rachel Harvest is a Registered Dietitian, certified Pilates Mat and Apparatus Instructor and Lifestyle Coach seeing clients in-person in New York, NY and nationwide, via telemedicine.

Rachel graduated from New york university with a Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition in 2013. She is trained in cognitive behavioral therapy & provides behavioral health counseling to ensure patients are not only given information & education, but are primed & coached to implement the changes that are warranted. Rachel encourages incremental shifts utilizing 4 pillars of focus: self-knowledge, self-care, self-trust & self-respect to create balanced, feasible plans that are tailored to suit each patient, individually.

Rachel is most talented & effective with clients seeking weight management, support with disordered eating, adolescent/young adult nutrition, pre/peri/post-natal nutrition, pediatric nutrition, oncology & GI disorders (primarily, IBS & IBD). Her typical clientele is the entrepreneurial/career-focused woman seeking balance.

As a Pilates Instructor, Rachel provides private, in-home mat and apparatus training in Manhattan.  she was certified in 2007 at the kane school of core integration in new york, ny and has had a steady private clientele since.  clients range in age from teen years to 88, are both male and female and span all levels of physical fitness, flexibility and coordination.  rachel is skilled in teaching classical and contemporary pilates and with injury rehabilitation and pilates for pregnancy.  she has been practicing pilates since she was in her teens, as cross-training during her training and professional career as a ballet dancer. 

Rachel’s Lifestyle coaching is designed to implement the same 4 pillars as above. Through a contracted 4 month program, she supports you to become your best self—the woman in you who achieves the highest level success in her work, leads with a confidence and courage, has deep intimacy in your relationships, lives a balanced life and is inspired, fulfilled and nourished physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually—all with grace, confidence and true feminine power.

Rachel spent the better part of the last twelve years as a student of all aspects of what it is to be well. through academia, personal development work, spiritual practices and therapeutic modalities, she transformed her own life and wants nothing more that to give what she has gotten to others.

Rachel has found that, as a woman, beyond taking care, you have to find purpose in yourself, practice gratitude for who you are and connect deeply to your feminine energy/qualities to be able to live a balanced, successful life in the current world. i’ve developed a deep understanding of what that takes and have chosen to bring all of that education, practice and experience to my coaching through the harvest method.

benefits of working with rachel

work/life balance

  • ceo/goddess - achieve with ease without missing a beat on having your needs met

  • bring who you are, your femininity and self expression to all you do.

  • connect with yourself to find inspiration and the resilience to keep going.

  • quit hiding your light and going unnoticed.

  • accomplish, achieve, grow and get that deserved acknowledgment.

successful relationships

  • create professional and personal relationship dynamics that demand respect and love.

  • get the support you need to succeed and grow without doubt or force.

  • stop doing it all alone.

  • learn to develop trust, form solid collaborations and create purposeful success, giving you fulfillment in your work and play.

strong sense of self

  • increase your self-worth and confidence in how you look, what you have, what you’re planning and, most importantly, who you are.

  • have the guts to do what you truly want and to ask for (and receive) what you truly need.

in order to be fulfilled, present and joyful in your life, you have to connect with and celebrate you. working the harvest method makes that happen for you.

be nourished. be moved. succeed. find balance. sustain yourself. thrive with the harvest method

Please CLICK HERE or call (415) 993-1535 to contact Rachel for appointments, questions or media inquiries.